Friday, January 15, 2010

Weight-Loss and Gain

I've been trying to lose my baby weight for about 11 months. (Read: Since the baby was born. Haha!) I did lose the majority of it in the few months after he was born, but I've stalled out. I'd still like to lose about 12 pounds. One of my New Year's resolutions was to lose this weight. Let me be honest here... I haven't been sticking to my diet very well. If Papa Bear would stop making chocolate chip cookies every weekend, I think I'd have a better chance. I have no willpower. Zero. It's really sad. The first few days of 2010 did not go well as far as food are concerned.
This week, I've been doing much better. I know one of my huge issues is eating when I'm bored, and eating when I'm actually thirsty. Also, my addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper. At least it's diet, I guess. That's how I rationalize these things, folks. It's sad.  I'm trying to drink more water. I keep a pitcher in the fridge all the time so it's nice and cold. I'm also trying to stop eating when I'm bored. If I do eat when I'm bored, I need to make better choices about what I'm eating. Not chocolate chip cookies... Today was a good day. I ate very little! I'm not trying to starve myself-that would be bad, but I didn't go crazy and eat all these snacky items between meals. I'm also trying to eat what Baby Bear eats. That kid eats better than Papa Bear and I, mainly because I don't feed him the crap that we eat.  For example, today he had turkey ravioli and peas for lunch. So, I made myself some steamed veggies and ate a slice of cheese. (I don't eat peas. They're only in the house for Baby Bear, hahaha!) If I consistently make better food choices, and watch my portions, I believe I can get rid of the rest of the weight. A little more exercise would help too.  =P

Now, weight gain- At Baby Bear's last pediatrician appointment, he'd only gained 4 ounces in a month. While the doctor said it's not uncommon for them to drop off, he was concerned because I mentioned Baby Bear was a pretty picky eater. Baby Bear loves his vegetables. But it's hard to get him to eat cheese, meat, or most fruits. We've been working on getting him to eat more to ensure he keeps growing. Today was a red letter day for eating. He ate an entire container of yogurt and a whole piece of toast. He probably would have eaten more, had I offered it, but I was concerned he wouldn't eat much lunch if I did. So, when lunch time rolls around, he ate his entire container of pasta, about 1/2 a cup of peas and two handfuls of puffs. I even got him to take some sips from his cup! That's a huge deal!  So, w00t! He needs to gain, and I need to lose. We're going to get through it together!
 Lastly, I'm following my friend Ashlee's blog, Fat Mom Blog, as she goes on her weight loss journey. She's having a giveaway this week, some awesome 100 calorie soups from Progresso, a soup bowl and a jump rope. Check it out! Also, read her blog, because she's awesome and deserves the support. =)


Corie said...

Alright, I saw you just a couple months ago, and I have to say, you're totally beautiful. I think you look great!

And goooooo Brody!

Anonymous said...

You won the Souper you Contest!!
Check out my blog :)

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