Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Holidays

Now that the craziness of family gatherings is over, it's time to update you on what's going on with Baby Bear, Papa Bear and I. I can't lie. It's not like I've been insanely busy since September and that is what has kept me from posting. The truth of it is, there's been a whole lot of nothing going on in my life. It's hard to update you all when it would sound something like, "Baby Bear ate a whole cup of peas today!" I don't know. Maybe you DO want to hear things like that. Either way, one of my resolutions is to keep up with this blog a little bit better. (I do also want to throw in that Papa Bear keeps telling me he's going to help me build a blog on our server; but like so many things he wants to get done, it hasn't happened yet. So, for a short while, I didn't update with the anticipation of moving this whole thing to the server.)
Anyway, Thanksgiving and Christmas were excellent. I throw them in together because we celebrated Christmas at Thanksgiving with the in-laws. We visited my family for Christmas, so it was fair.  Baby Bear received a boatload of toys and clothes, as well as some money for his college savings.  Natl-doo gets cuter every time we see her. She's growing up so fast! She was quick to share her toys with Baby Bear, like a good cousin does. I hope they become close. Sis and I always had (and have) a close relationship with our cousins growing up. I'd like for Baby Bear and Natl-doo to be the same way.
Speaking of cousins,  one of mine has moved to our area! He and his lovely new wife will still be an hour away from us, but it's a lot closer than before. Plus, it will give us even more excuse to visit the city now and then.
I was introduced to a great cloth diapering store recently. A friend took me there earlier this month and WOW! I was blown away. It's so cute! It's called Comfy Bummy and I am in love with it. The staff was super helpful and they have a great selection. A little background information: I'm currently using gDiapers with cloth inserts. The gCloth is outrageously priced, so I'm using prefolds and some inserts a friend made for me. (Her blog is here. Check out the cuteness!) I am planning on trying my hand at making a few inserts. However, the woman at Comfy Bummy was a spring of fluffy knowledge. She showed me all the inserts available, and also let me know about the basics, like using plain prefolds with covers vs. pockets vs. AIOs, etc. Now I just need to win the lottery so I can stock up on some fluff for Baby Bear. My prefolds are not the best... I want something better and am working on getting to that point.
Now for the fun. Here's a few Christmas pictures of Baby Bear and crew at Christmas.
Natl-doo and Baby Bear sharing.

The obligatory "bow on the head". Also Papa and Mama Bear.

The next day, playing with Uncle Ray.

Opening presents.
Well, naptime has ended abruptly, so I'll sign off here. See you soon!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do you like my new layout?

It reminds me of a Prius commercial. It's so happy and upbeat and perfect. I want my life to be like a Prius commercial. Not that my life isn't happy. It's just not a Prius commercial.
It's winter! There's a crapload of snow! I'm in the house all day naming shapes and colors, singing silly songs, and doing other Mommy things.  Still, it's a good life.  But not a Prius commercial.

Huge update tomorrow during naptime. See you then.