Friday, August 7, 2009

A New Adventure

Recently, I thought that I haven't been doing enough to capture these moments in Baby Bear's life. Though I should have started this about 6 months ago, I suppose it's better late than never.

For a little background information, if you're not family: Baby Bear is my February baby. He came three weeks early on an unseasonably warm day with no major complications. The first four months of his life were filled with colic, postpartum depression, and lots of frustrations while I learned how to be a mommy. We lived in a not so nice part of the city, so safety was always a concern. We moved out to the suburbs and are having a much happier life. I stay at home with Baby Bear and his Daddy brings home the bacon. I decided to start this blog to keep everyone updated and to keep myself sane. It's kind of like adult conversation-though it may be one sided.

Anyway, whats new? Baby Bear has had a lot of changes recently, considering the move. He's handling it all in stride. He's even begun to sleep through the night again, a feat that Daddy and I appreciate. We've started solids-sort of. He doesn't get them as a meal yet, just as an accompaniment for the time being. He's crazy for bananas, enjoys squash and pretty much hates avocados. He's going for his well visit next week, so I'm looking forward to getting him on a food schedule. I guess it's about time that we get a high chair. Also-we've made the move into cloth diapers. I'm a bit of a granola mommy at heart. Though co-sleeping and breastfeeding didn't work out for us, I'd like to do as much for him as I can, while I can. So, we'll cloth diaper to save both the environment and our money. It seems to be going well. I've just ordered some more inserts. The prefolds are a bit bulky and not as absorbent as I'd like, so we just change more often. The inserts should change that. Once I get a sewing machine, I'll make my own and save us even more money. (Hint hint hint *Christmas Gift* Hint hint hint). I'm also making my own baby food. It's surprisingly easy and not time consuming. It's also much more economical to make my own, versus buying those tiny jars for $.75 each. I like the fact that I know exactly what is going into his food. I pick out the produce, I wash it and prepare it. From store to freezer, I'm giving Baby Bear the best of the best. Next summer, though he'll have teeth, I'm going to plant a garden to ensure I know what is happening to those vegetables from seed to plate. I want to give him the best. Isn't that what we all want, as parents, for our children? The very best? I'm grateful that I have the time and financial stability to stay at home with Baby Bear and give him the best things. And by "things" I don't necessarily mean physical items. I want to give him the best foundation for a good life. And I think that is what parenting about: changing the focus of your life from yourself to your children. I plan on going back to school eventually; I haven't given up all my sense of self. But I know that what is important right now is raising happy, healthy, self-confident child.
I guess I've rambled enough for today. I'll keep you posted as things come up. =)

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